Phi Gamma Delta

Sigma Omega Chapter At Seton Hall University

"Not For College Days Alone"

Founded in 2020, we are the newest fraternity to join the ranks among fraternities at Seton Hall. We strive for excellence in all fields of life - be it academic, athletic, professional, or communal. All of us recognize the opportunity in our hands to evolve what a fraternity can be within the community. Through the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence, a man can truly become a courageous leader.  At FIJI we strive to bring out the courageous leader in ourselves and those around us. We seek any and all men who hold those same values high and share our vision about what being a FIJI means.


Our Values


Friendship for a FIJI means to not only be a friend of your brothers, but those around you in everyday life, and those in your community. We strongly believe that even stopping to give a handshake has the power to change the world. Handshakes lead to introductions. Introductions lead to friendships. Friendships lead to organizations, and organizations can change the world.


Knowledge and the pursuit of it are the keys to a richer and fuller life. After all, the core reason all of us attend college in the first place is to expand our knowledge. The work we do and skills we gain here are the foundation for success later in our lives. As a FIJI you seek to promote the growth of knowledge in  yourself and your brothers - our organization helps this flourish.


We here at FIJI encourage service. Naturally, we have the ability and opportunity to serve, thus we have an obligation to. This means giving back to those around us, putting time and work into the community, and consistently striving to better the areas around us. Our size gives us power, and that power can be used to do a lot in a short amount of time allowing us to truly see the fruits of our service in front of us.


Morality is at the base of every FIJI man, as well as the organization as a whole. Moral behavior is the basis of society's existence. Honesty, courage, compassion, and reliability are just some of the words that help us define morality. To be a FIJI means you strive to achieve the moral good in any situation, doing what is right and just.


Excellence is what a FIJI strives for every day, in every aspect of their life. It is doing all you can to produce your personal best. Excellence carries with it high expectations for yourself and never settling for mediocrity. Through accountability, reliability, and challenging ourselves we can achieve true excellence in anything.